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Create Virtual Agents

Create Virtual Agents

Keep customers engaged and never miss business opportunities with

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Converse with customers and employees using intelligent chatbots

Good relationships are built on effective communication.

When your customers have queries and concerns, they will always turn to you for help. However, while you may be enthusiastic to address their every concern, eventually they would tend to be very repetitive, resulting in inefficiencies in the customer engagement process.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents are artificially intelligent bots that can handle repetitive first-line interactions. They can be programmed to engage with customers in a range of basic to complex scenarios. They can also be integrated with automated workflows, allowing them to take action on decisonal matters.

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Never miss out on engagement opportunities

Leaving customers hanging when they need attention is a glaring mistake and can potentially be costly for any business. When a customer reaches out, we respond - that is the golden rule.

However, this becomes inevitable especially when requests are too many and manpower is limited.

Where humans fall short, virtual agents can make up for. Virtual agents, or chatbots, can ensure timely responses to customers, saving them from being left hanging and saving your business from losing them.

Free up your time for high-value interactions

Customers usually have similar concerns, but there are instances when these concerns become complex enough to demand personal attention.


When this happens, you or your employees may need to intervene, so you can provide a customized customer experience. As chatbots perform the initial engagements, they free up your time so you can always be ready for these high-impact, high-value customer interactions.

With the repetitive issues already off your hands, you can focus more on providing personalized customer service and maintaining a good relationship with your clients.

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The Power of the Machine

Is AI the way forward?

The impact of AI in our lives and in our business operations is already too ubiquitous to ignore. From transportation to manufacturing to sales to customer service, AI has been building the foundations of a fully automated future.

But these advancements we're seeing now are only the beginning, as there are certainly wider and deeper ways that AI would expand in the years and decades to come. With this path looming in the horizon, it is important for businesses to keep up with the times and join in the revolution.


Innovation and continuous improvement will help you survive in the highly competitive world of business. Do not let any opportunity pass. Let us help you out.

Does my business need this kind of solution?

If your business experiences customer scenarios similar to the following, then a Virtual Agent solution may be for you.

You have customers complaining about long wait times or not being able to reach you when they have concerns.

Customer engagement backlogs are piling up as manpower is strained to handle all types of concerns.

Your employees are engaged in repetitive customer scenarios and barely have time for high-impact interactions.

Customers who have more complex concerns do not get enough personalized support.

Your business is currently using Power Virtual Agents and would like additional support.

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Let us optimize your customer engagement process

We would love to talk to you and uncover how virtual agents can help you interact with your customers better. Send us a message and we'll get back to you the soonest.

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