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Power BI reports landing page tips and tricks: Tiles using, Images, Power BI buttons, hover effects

This is a blog post series to show various ways of creating parts of landing pages for better UX and navigation

Tiles using, Images, Power BI buttons, hover effects and all the above

Either it is Power BI report or some web page, tiles are one of the best-known ways to add the user experience to landing pages. When Tiles has images, dynamic content, actions, they get more practical plus engaging. Let’s look at some ways of creating tiles in Power BI

Approach 1

This is probably the most common approach. Import an image to Power BI Desktop, add an action to go to the bookmark, in this case, a detail page and add some text under the image. This text can be dynamic with DAX.

Approach 2

We can extend the example by adding a button when the user hovers over the button, a text appears giving the context of the action or detail.

This can be achieved by putting an empty button on top of the image. Then update the properties of button to show text only “On Hover”

Approach 3

In the above example text is static, but we can make it dynamic.

This can be done by using the expression functionality of Button Text property of the button. That gives the functionality to show dynamic text.

Approach 4

Having images are likeable but too many are never right, that’s when instead of going for an image, we can just show Button with Text. But on hover over we can add more context, like below:

Here, I am just using a group of visuals and an image to show details. I added static text with a URL feel.

Approach 5

Another way is to show static or dynamic text in the button, but instead of showing over the image, actually show under the image as a description.

To achieve this result, we use same text properties as shown in the above approaches but instead of using top or middle vertical alignment, go for bottom vertical alignment. Also, make the blank button size bigger than the image size so the text shows right under the image on hover over.

More landing pages tips to follow, hoping these examples leaves you with some inspiration.

You can download the PBIX here and view here


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