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A quick post, how many times in Power BI Desktop, have you clicked on “No, remove the files.” and then say OOPS! Well, I did plenty of times to discover this trick.

In short, you can find those removed files under Temp folder like many other windows application files. Usually, the location will be somewhere like this – C:UsersprathyAppDataLocalMicrosoftPowerBI DesktopTempSaves. This location depends upon which version of Power BI Desktop you have. Beware, these files will be removed whenever you clear your Temp Directory.

In long let’s see what happens with Power BI Desktop Auto Recovery and where we can find PBI related files. By default Power BI Desktop saves Auto recovery files; you can find Auto Recovery settings under Power BI Desktop options.

When a user creates or opens a Power BI Model, Power BI desktop saves a copy under Auto Recovery and Temp Saves. When the user closes without saving, Power BI Desktop will save an Auto Recovered Power BI file under the Auto Recovery file location given under Power BI Options. When you click on “No, remove files”, It will remove files from the Auto Recovery folder. But, files under Temp Saves are still there.

Remember, every time you open a recovered file or open a file from Temp Saves, Power BI Desktop will refresh all queries again. I think it’s for security purpose, not great when your queries take a long time to reload all the data but it’s better than losing all the hard work.

That’s all, Temp Saves; saved my life many times. Hope it helps someone out there too.

Stay Safe!


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