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Automate Business Processes

Automate Business Processes

Minimize costs and maximize operational efficiency with

Microsoft Power Automate

Reduce costs by shifting to low-risk, non-invasive automated systems

In every business, there are sets of processes that are essential, but tend to be tedious and repetitive. Many businesses are doing these tasks manually, which can lead to time-consuming, cost-inefficient, and error-prone processes.

You do not need this. In fact, no one needs this.

What everyone needs is a technology that would perform these repetitive tasks without the need for human intervention - a technology that would turn your business processes into a well-oiled machine that is capable of running on its own.

Running a business is expensive. By automating your standard workflows and integrating them with your existing systems without any disruption, you can reduce your costs by being able to refocus your people's expensive hours to more valuable and non-repetitive tasks, eliminating the risks of making decisional mistakes, identifying redundant processes, and essentially, doing more with less.

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Improve accuracy with intelligent bots and workflows

"To err is human."

In the case of business processes, this couldn't be more true. Indeed, while some employees have exceptional skills and abilities, as humans they will always be prone to mistakes. 

Automation can address this gap by making use of intelligent workflows and bots that can perform tasks as humans would, with more efficiency and accuracy. Just like humans, these bots and workflows can interact with your business applications, make decisions based on business rules, and perform tasks.


Unlike humans, they do not sleep, they do not rest, they do not take breaks, and they do not make mistakes.

Eliminate manual tasks and boost employee satisfaction

In the work environment, employees tend to be happier and more satisfied when their skills are put to use on high-value and engaging work. Automation can help them achieve this by taking manual and repetitive tasks off their hands, creating time for more interesting and rewarding activities.

Automating processes can also help you and your organization to focus more on improving client relationships and winning new projects, instead of spending too much time on repetitive tasks that do not help you grow your business.

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Technology for Efficiency

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the latest in process automation technology. It executes repetitive tasks by using bots and workflows that are capable of imitating human actions and decision-making processes.

Single Automation Platform

Microsoft Power Automate provides a platform where both API- and UI- based automation can be done. It can automate processes that span multiple on-premises and cloud-based apps and services, integrating them into a single workflow that runs without the need for human intervention.

Attended vs. Unattended RPA

Depending on the task, automation can be set up as either attended or unattended.

Front-office activities usually done in a desktop computer or web browser can be automated using Attended RPA. Attended bots record human activities such as mouse clicks and keyboard presses, and mimic them to perform the same action.

End-to-end processes that run in the background can be done through Unattended RPA. Unattended bots can be programmed to perform actions that would run on schedule or when triggered by specific events, without the need for anyone to perform the actual task in front of a computer.

Does my business need this kind of solution?

If your business is experiencing any of the following, then a Process Automation solution may be for you.

Your employees spend too much time performing repetitive tasks and are not engaged in enough high-value work.

You are missing out on important business opportunities because your time is consumed mostly by manual processes.

You are looking to reduce your operational costs by investing on lean and efficient systems.

You are using an automation platform that is not 100% efficient and is not tailored to your needs. 

You are currently using Power Automate and would like to have additional support.

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Let us build efficient systems

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